Thursday, January 23, 2014

Allow Me to Show You My Wood

Hi and welcome to My Blog. The purpose of this blog is to record the design and construction of my home climbing wall. Home climbing walls, generally constructed out of plywood, are colloquially known as "woodies," a fact that will account for about 99% of the many, many childish jokes I plan on inflicting on any potential reader. You've been warned.

There are about seventeen thousand pictures of homegrown wood on the internet, and that's not counting the stuff that has nothing to do with climbing. My wall isn't- or won't be- the best, biggest, or coolest. It's projected to be pretty modest, actually, and as an amateur-at-best woodworker I imagine it will have some interesting and unintended design "features." So why the blog? When I was planning out my wall I perused a number of blogs and forum posts about the design and construction of home walls, and found them interesting and useful. So I thought, well, why not. Plus I like blogging.

In particular, I found Andy Libre's blog to be very useful and inspirational. Pictures of his sweet-ass outdoor wall can commonly be found lurking in Google image searches and his blog is full of great information and pictures. Andy has pictures from his annual "Backyard Bouldering Comp," and these pictures are part of what pushed me over the edge into going dang, I want to do that. So I'm doing that. Hopefully somebody will find my adventures in woodworking to be educational, or just entertaining.

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