Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Design

Alright, here's what I want to build. Do you like looking at screenshots of Sketchup? I hope so because I'm about to drop dozens of them. As an aside, Sketchup is some sweet-ass software, and I did all this with the free version. After putting together my model I had exact measurements to take to the hardware store. Right on.

So here's the design:


Wow! Amazing! is what you might say, and I'd beam proudly. Or you might say "Boy, that looks really small, what gives," and I'd answer that my garage is unfortunately short and narrow. I'll post pictures of it later.

The basic stats:

2 overhanging walls, 1.4 m width each, at 40 degree and 30 degree angles. Kicked panel on the 40.

Vertical wall, 2.1 meters in height and 2.7 meters wide at widest point. Another wall can be added later.

Roof section and small finishing panel.

Wall framing in 2x4s; structural support in 2x8s.

Here's some more pictures:


The overhung sections. There will be a small transitional corner between the two sides. Total of 2.7 meters of horizontal traverse from one side to the other.


The roof and finishing panel. To maximize route length, I plan to have most problems go up onto the roof and finish at the rim.


The back of the wall. Each panel is framed with 2x4s and joined to adjacent panels, and all panels are held up and in place by 2x8 framing members. The supporting frame can be seen here as the two inclined supports, long floor member, and roof crossbars.

Well, that's the plan, anyway. This design was the best I could do with the space available. I wanted to keep it simple, but not too simple- this is essentially a lean-to with additions made to allow for multiple wall angles. Given the limited wall space available, I think that having the transitional corner between the 30 and 40 degree sections will provide a lot of challenge and variety. That's the hope, anyway!

Additionally, the design leaves open the possibility of adding on more vertical wall sections extending out along the support beams. Not something I plan on doing right now, but an option if I decide I want more traverse or something.

The entire thing is free-standing.

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