Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There Will Be Blood

This is a Forstner bit:
It has many applications. When applied to wood, it results in this:
That's great. I specifically got one to work on making holds (more on that in another post). 
When applied to a hand, it results in this:
Huh huh. Woah. Like, gnarly. It looked a lot worse when it happened but turned out to be minor. Lesson learned here: A hand is not a bench vice, especially not when working with a little bitty chunk of wood and a big burly drill bit. I probably could have figured that out without putting a hole in my thumbnail but I like to make sure.

This is actually the second time my wall has been christened with blood but the first time was just from a ripped hangnail and it wasn't even mine. Wall hungers for blood. In all likelyhood, wall will get more blood. Blood for the blood wall.

Stay tuned for more nasty pictures of my various limbs!

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